What is Home, Christin Call, 2017


What is Home an Obscure Kingdom an Opera Buffa It’s You Always You is an interdisciplinary assemblage series. The work borrows freely from dance, film, photography, installation, poetry, and other art forms in combination with each other.  My central question in the series is: what is belonging?  From this psychological imperative the substrate of the home is a landing place for the jutting out of vignettes that consider physical space as a context for our ability to feel at home.  What happens when a person is physically displaced?  Experiences psychological separateness?  The malleability of influence between internal and external environments is a way into the housing crisis currently being experienced in my own city of residence, Seattle, Washington—where homelessness is spiking and locals are getting pushed further and further from the city’s core.  ​

Film stills – These short dance films explore internal psychological landscapes as reflected by the interiors of homes in Seattle set to be demolished.  Various casts of characters—from families to individuals confronting aspects of themselves—construct their sense of home, many times only to lose it or find it ineffectual.

Photography – My sorrow is my castle explores the home as a kingdom in the state of ruins, juxtaposing the elegance of our ideals against the deliberate blinding of our physical surroundings.  Photographed in a 101-year-old house where squatters had been living for eight months that was later demolished for the building of luxury apartments.

Part one here. What is home trailer is available here.