Visa Denied, BR1, 2015 – ongoing

I am European, so I can easily reach many places. Most of the strangers from Mediterranean area and Africa meet difficulties along their roads. This difficulty of movement has inspired a series of posters installed on the advertisement billboards, in which migrants hold a Visa credit card.

This work has been inspired by the phenomenon of visas denial to applicants resident in highest emigration rate Countries. The consolidated law on immigration dispose that the decision of the visa denial, issued by the Italian State should not be motivated if there are public order issues or safety reasons. Abuse of this policy has led many Consulates to deny visas without any real reason, although the applicant had submitted all the documents required by law. Relentlessly, such situation contributes to the increasing of illegal immigration.

The project takes the name of Visa Denied and it develops through a series of portraits depicting men and women holding a Visa credit card. This paradox compares the borders closure for those who come from poor and socially unstable countries, to the frenetic mobility of rich States residents. As is known, holders of Visa credit card actually know no borders.