Trojan House/Curated Catastrophe Procedure, Studio C.A.R.E., 2016

Photos from an installative presentation of Trojan House and the Curated Catastrophe Procedure by Studio C.A.R.E. at the Vanabbemuseum.

Trojan House is a game developed by Studio C.A.R.E.. By means of 42 game cards – that contain the game instructions – it guides you on a journey through your home so to explore your own place and belongings in an unfamiliar and intense manner. By getting out of your comfort zone and encouraging unusual behaviors, Trojan House represents a journey and an exploration of yours actual needs and desires. It triggers you to re-think the possibilities and limits of the ordinary and to challenge it by actively acting on it. The game will be accompanied by personal documentation of the exploration, ideas and impressions.

A journey through your home.

  • Card # 11: “The Circus – walk over every furniture that you possess”
  • Card # 12: “Awkward – what is the most awkward place in your home? Make a phone call from this location and describe exactly where you are”
  • Card # 16: “Senses – Explore one wall in this room with a tool of your choice”
  • Card # 26: “Traces – Scratch surfaces in your home with your fingers or tools around you. Think of wallpaper, floor covering, …”
  • Card # 27:  “The magician – Invent a magic spell to transform your home into something else. Write down the spell on a small piece of paper and say it 3 times. Light a candle and burn the paper”
  • Card # 32:  “Destroy – Destroy something of value in your home that is yours”
  • Card # 34:  “You are shocked – Try to look very shocked. Practice different expressions in front of the mirror”