Romina Giuliani, Single room, 2016

Single room, Romina Giuliani, 2016

The artistic practice of Romina Giuliani is characterized by the exploitation of mixed media artworks, from drawings to collaborative projects. The observation of human interactions, the collective unconscious, and human behaviors — both in the public and private sphere — has encouraged her to realize a criticism of the world using the instrument of art, activating public’s feelings and reflections. The artworks arose from her outgoing interest in the investigation of identity and subjectivity with their oscillations between contrived and authentic desires, human fears and ambiguities. The balance between good and bad, tidy and dirty, healthy and sick, is a constant in her research, such as the matter of the artist’s role in today’s society. Through connections between facts and materials caught from everyday reality, the artist reflects about the awareness of ones own body in relation to itself, perception and space around it. In the sculpture Single room the artist has organized materials and belongings from her sleeping room, looking for dimension combinations, solutions that fit together and reflecting on the issue of contemporary living spaces and architecture.