Memory Interiors, Myrto Vratsanou, 2017

The domestic space functions as a bubble of activity, hosting the different objects, people, timelines and structures that interact within it. Like transparencies that occasionally overlap and glitch. The rooms contain the accumulation of narratives and reflections revolving around memory and archive-keeping.

The point of view is usually from above, like a security camera, or an omnipotent narrator. This bird’s eye view is linked to how memory often works, as I add myself in the picture when I recall, becoming more a part of it than I actually was. This kind of view of rooms is what comes to mind more often when one thinks of room, drawing on cinematic perspectives, surveillance imagery, spatial design and games.

The transparent curtain gives the viewer the freedom to choose over what background they want to see the drawings. They depend on the wall or space behind them and are different every time they are installed.

Memory Interiors is a series of drawings done from memory. I am using permanent marker directly on the plastic sheet surface, so as to record the process of remembering. “Mistakes” cannot be erased, merely drawn over. Traces of the different version of how I remember furniture and structures become and stay apparent.