Living, Jessie Georges, 2014

In many areas of the world there is a tradition to have a living-room. Some people leave their living-room neat and untouched, ready to welcome important guests who will maybe never come. It is the standing of the family that is exposed in a room which should be the room they are spending most of their time in. As a child I visited a lot of such rooms at my grandparents and great-grandparents. Nowadays the tradition still exists in a lot of young families. I questioned the tradition by making this work.

 ‘Living’ is a collection of furniture made out of plastic foil. To make this work, I packed different furniture from different members of my family, and brought them together in the installation. The furniture was wrapped in plastic foil, unpacked, and the form is imprinted in the material. Inside this wrapping, invisible traces of the original furniture are present by the dust it collects. They are hung on sewing wire, giving them back their volumes and place in the installation. All the furniture is connected to this web and each-other: if a viewer comes by, and accidentally moves one of the furniture by a gush of wind, the wires transport the movement to other pieces of the installation. They remind puppets hung on wires.