DETOUR, Elena Mazzi, 2014

The work is related to ASC-Social Housing Agency in Venice, where activists, families, Venetian citizens and migrants have occupied some public houses left apart by the Municipality because of the lack of money needed to restore them. The work aims to relate to these areas and the people who live there, where the occupation of vacant houses become a way to re-activate the public space through the construction of social relationships. Practices that talk about how to deal with a complicated city as Venice is, built up on mass-tourism policies, with the will to displace last inhabitants. A series of carpets identified some of those occupied houses. On them, printed sentences were relating to the use of the public space, remarking its ambivalence, at the core of the conflict between privatization and intrinsic value. A performance was following the work: here I was leading small groups of people as a guide, for a tour in the occupied houses. Here people could directly talk to occupants in order to understand history, bureaucracy, conflicts, future developments.