Asset Arrest, Laura Yuile, 2016 – ongoing

A series of tours of luxury properties led by the artist in conversation with the sales representative.

Asset Arrest acts as a facilitator between property developer and (un)hopeful buyer; taking you on viewings of luxury properties that you have no intention of buying. Asset Arrest focuses on those developments that are geared towards shifting out long term residents and selling off ‘valuable’ pockets of land to wealthy overseas investors, buy-to-let landlords, blandlords and brandlords. The aim is to offer you a less intimidating glimpse into the hidden London that is all around you; the hidden side of a visible problem that is growing and propelling rents to soar; the reason people are being forced further and further out of the city whilst creating a billowing, empty luxury core to the city that is reflective and intangible.

Laura Yuile is experienced in the luxury property viewing process so will guide you through the event as smoothly as possible; allowing you to enjoy the tour without feeling as intimidated or with the typical hassle of the excessive sales calls and emails that traditionally follow the viewing. All arrangements are made by Laura in discussion with the sales and marketing suite of the development of your choice. Through this process Laura hopes to engage in a conversation with you (and the sales agent) around issues of privatization, regeneration, ghettoization, gentrification, global blanding, place-making, brandlords, wealth inequality; all from the clean, crisp comfort of the apartment’s interior whilst gazing out over the city that feels so close but so out of reach. Whether London is your permanent or temporary home or you’re just visiting, an Asset Arrest tour will let you see a side of the city you’ve previously only seen on the CGI renderings that adorn the hoardings of redevelopment.