A rendered life, Izabela Koczanowska, 2018



By extending the computer into its own body – its own imaginary, institutions and mythologies – the living being grants the computer emotion that tenscends time. Thus, in this human – machine symbiosis is the actualization of an immemorial dream of disintegration into fiction, myth or legend. These technologies do not denature us, they fictionalize us.

– Ollivier Dyens, The Emotion of Cyberspace : Art and Cyber-ecology

Bring me quiet
Bring me peace
Ease my dreams
Nightmares cease

Fire, fire, fire by the power of three,
Give fire control to me,
Fire show the light,
don’t let me see the night,
Let me use my fire,
the fire is my desire,
Bring me my burning light,
Don’t hurt my friends,
don’t hurt me,
Start a flame within me,
So mote it be!

Drain from me, from my hand
Energy, into the land
Send it deep into the ground
Now it’s gone, can’t be found.

Air does blow,
As I know,
Thoughts do grow,
As I know.

zero, one,
zero, one,
zero, one,
zero, one,
zero, one,
zero, one.